things to do in uyo stadium

The most popular city in south-south Nigeria, Uyo is a local government area and the capital of Akwa Ibom state – ‘Land Of Promise’, a major oil producing state. An activity-packed destination featuring culture, outdoor activities, fine museums, attractions and miles of beaches, Uyo presents a picture of enchanting coastal, mangrove forest, beautiful sand beach resorts, and other interesting places one can visit. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, movie lover, golfer, foodie, shopaholic or collector of random facts, you will find there are so many things to do while visiting. And if you are worried you would get bored eventually, Jumia Travel offers 5 ways to spice up your trip to Uyo.


Spend some time playing Golf

Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort is one of the most beautiful hotels in Nigeria as a whole and definitely the most prestigious destination within Uyo city. Aside from the lodging space, restaurants, and bars, the Golf resort stands out as an ideal location for any golf enthusiast and professional alike. The lush greens of the world class 18 hole golf course, creates the right atmosphere for the most challenging memorable golfing experience. Visit the resort and experience a breathtaking view and Tee-off on West Africa’s Premier lush green Golf Resort. The rates start from  N34,500 per room per night in the Deluxe Room or N37,500 per room per night in the Executive Room and the packages include: unlimited Golf and complimentary internet access.

Go shopping at Ibom Plaza

Spend the afternoon browsing the incredible deals at Ibom plaza on your fun-filled excursion to Uyo. Along the way, make a stop at the intriguing monument which symbolizes the unity of the people of Akwa Ibom state and keep your eyes peeled for some  famous local personalities. The Ibom Plaza also has an open theater and a double-rolled water fountain within the Plaza. Aside from shopping at its shopping centre, you get an opportunity to appreciate modern history, as the unique thing about Ibom Plaza is that it stands out as the first-of-its-kind in the history of city modernization in Nigeria.

Go meet someone at the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center

Created in the image of Sun City of South Africa and the famous Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, USA, the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre is a marvel. The center, which is a modern leisure and business resort, stuns every visitor. There is usually a crowd at this location and most times, you are bound to make an acquaintance while strolling through its myriad corridors. Meeting someone new is a good way to create fun memories of any place. All you need is your purse and possibly a selfie stick for picture perfect moments.


Go sight seeing

This may sound boring as it is a basic tourist activity, but with Uyo, it can yield a rewarding experience. Visit the National Museum in Uyo L.G.A to view some of the finest carvings, relics, artifacts, and other valuable antiquities such as masquerade costumes, traditional instruments, and pottery; the Ibom International Stadium an all-seater national sports stadium home to the Nigerian Super Eagles as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events; Lord Lugard’s residence; the Presbyterian church; and so many other interesting sites. You are bound to learn so much more about the city, its history, culture and way of life.

Explore Ibeno Beach

A 30 km-long beach of clean sea sand, Ibeno beach is a destination in Uyo that attracts visitors not just from neighboring states and cities, but tourists from outside the country on a regular basis. This beautiful sand beach provides recreational facilities with excellent opportunities for water sports. A couple of similar beaches are at Ikot Abasi, Abadia, Nwaniba, and Oron. If you are not keen on doing anything hectic, such as surfing, you can just have a nice picnic  with friends or play beach volleyball. Either way, you are bound to have fun.