5 Ways to Have Fun on a Business Trip to Port Harcourt

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At first, business travel seems to be a treat as the first trip gives a certain rush; however, after hundreds of last minute trips and thousands of stress-induced panic attacks, you start to realize why people complain about traveling for work. Between the early-morning airport shuttles, the flight delays that airlines are famous for, followed by a whirlwind day of meetings, and a long night on an extremely uncomfortable hotel bed that leaves you threading through deadlines like a zombie, business travel can be quite a chore!

Business, like social media, should be fun. In the pursuit to add some motivation and enjoyment into business travel, Jumia Travel, has pulled together 5 exciting ways to make business travel fun especially for those heading to Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Hit the streets for food

When in Port Harcourt… eat like a local, right? Do not miss out on famous indigenous meals and street food in the city. You might not like them, but what’s wrong with trying new things? Try boli and fish, a popular meal you will find almost at every corner of the city. At nights you can also try sharwarma or just the Nigerian popular Suya . Be brave and try the local drinks as well, just be careful not to get too drunk – working with a headache and a hangover probably won’t leave the best impression at your presentation or business meeting.

street food a fun thing in port harcourt

Check out the sights

What is the point of traveling if you do not take a little time to explore your destination? Port Harcourts may not be much for tourist sites and attractions but if you ask one of two locals, they certain will boast about a couple of locations. Have an hour or two to kill in-between meetings or events? Why not explore a nearby historic district? Explore and find the most interesting sights. Whatever you choose, make sure you do not miss the famous landmarks, famous buildings, museums, or anything else that piques your interest. Enjoy soaking up local culture and learning something new.

Eat at a fancy restaurant

Of course, most of the time should be focused on being more professional than others while on a business trip, but once the business part of your trip is over, you should plan the rest of your moments having a good time. If you are not a huge fan of shopping or sight-seeing, you can at least treat yourself with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Trust us, it will be worth it. Ante up for a dinner at Hotel Presidential, where the chef’s menu has expense-account-worthy items you would not regret splurging on. If you want to take things down a notch, try heading to Uhuru at the GDC building, GRA, where staff are more down-to-earth.

relax in the pool in port harcourt

Take a dip in the hotel pool

A dip in the pool is such a nice way to loosen up your muscles from the long cramped flights and different hotel beds.  Take advantage of your hotel’s pool, if applicable. Enjoy relaxing poolside with a cocktail after a hectic day. If you love to swim, why not see what the hotel pool has to offer? You could also go for a swim in the morning before your day starts as a refreshing wake-up.


Visit the Spa

Business trips often revolve only around business, implying a lot of stress, little time for yourself, running around all day long and wearing uncomfortable formal outfits. But then, there is no reason not to make the most out of the spa in your hotel or go an extra mile to check out the plethora of spa centers in Port Harcourt city. A 50-minute basic spa treatment in most sanatoriums within the city blends a hydrating scrub, detoxifying steam, and some much-needed alone time.