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Dubai, a city filled with sky-crappers, high-rise building and booming in tourism. It is holds the tallest building in the world, the Iconic Burj Khalifa, sitting at a height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft).

The city has grown to be become one the most visited cities in the world. Here are detailed information on how to apply for Dubai visa.


Types of Dubai Visa

Tourist visa: A tourist visa is granted to travellers who are visiting Dubai for the purpose of Tourism or Leisure. It is valid for a maximum of 30 days.

Transit visa: A transit visa is granted to travellers that would be passing transiting through Dubai Airport for more than 8 hours to another country.. This visa is valid for 96 hours and CANNOT be extended. This can be obtained via your travel agent or airline.

Visit visa: This visa granted for travellers who are visiting Dubai to their family/friend/relatives. It is valid for 90 days and CANNOT be extended.


Visa Requirements

  • Scanned copy of your International passport with at least 6 months validity.
  • Scanned copy of your coloured passport photograph on a white background.
  • Visa application form duly filled (in Block letters) and signed by applicant.
  • Proof of Financial status – a copy of your recent bank statement.
  • If you are visiting Dubai to see relative/friend, you must provide a letter of invitation from your host, the letter should include the contact information of your host, address, signature and date; scanned copy of international passport and address in UAE or residence permit.
  • Previous travel record – Pages in the Previous/Current International passport stamped as evidence of travelling to at least once in the last 2 years to UAE, USA, UK, Schengen countries, Australia, New Zealand and Canada or has a valid visa for USA, UK, Schengen countries, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
  • A copy of hotel reservation.
  • Proof of health insurance.
  • A copy of a confirmed Itinerary – Round trip tickets

You can download the visa application form here.

NB: The passport should not be in hand written format.


Visa Fees

Dubai visa fees varies depending the type of visa applied for.

Tourist Visa 30,000
Transit/96 hours Visa 23,000
Visit Visa 63,000

Visa Processing Time

Dubai visa processing time is between 3 – 4 working days from the date of submission (Except for Friday, Saturday and any UAE Holiday) depending on the visa being applied for and also subject to Dubai Immigration approval. Applications need to be submitted between 08:00 am to 3:00pm.

You can track your application online by entering your ‘Reference Number’ and your ‘Passport Expiry Date’.

When tracking, delete the last three characters of your Reference Number, e.g. if your Reference Number is CDMA/181013/0001/02, you are requested to enter your Reference Number as CDMA/181013/0001




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