J.P. Clark’s poem “Ibadan” may be due for a rewrite as the city is certainly not “running splash of rust…” anymore. Visited by thousands of vacationers each year, Ibadan is easily one of the most charming places in Western Nigeria.

There’s no doubt that Ibadan is a huge city, with a population bigger than all of some states in the Northern parts of the country. There is so much to see that you can’t really go wrong. Maybe your first visit to the city was on business which didn’t allow you the time to explore much of the local culture, environs or city life; or perhaps you stayed at one of the all-inclusive hotels and didn’t venture out. If so, book the next flight or bus you can back to this breathtaking locale. Yu get the chance to partake in a lot of activities and you’re bound to feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’ve taken full advantage of your time on this alluring, ever-changing city.

Ibadan Agodi parks and garden

Observe the Wildlife at Agodi parks and gardens

Agodi parks and gardens, a premier recreation center for locals within the city, hosts one of the two zoos in Ibadan city. The ample Wildlife in the location offers many opportunities to learn about Africa’s superb wildlife diversity and unmatched natural beauty.

Ibadan street Source: northoflagos.files.wordpress.com

Try the street food

Street food can be the tastiest encounter you’ll have with a city’s cuisine. Basically, if you really want to get into the heart and soul of a destination, then eat what the locals eat… on the street. The streets of Ibadan have so much to offer. From Ewa Agoyin and Agege bread, Akara and Eko to Kpekere and many more, the city’s incredible range of fresh street food is often made right in front of your eyes. Local recommendations also, are worth their weight in spice and always look for queues.


Source: enroute.ng

Document your visit

Most people just assume Ibadan is a dry, boring and “razz’ destination, so they do not bother to document that visit whether by keeping a diary or taking pictures. The truth,however, is that even a short, daily diary listing five key events and feelings is an effortless aide memoir for capturing the essence of the city. The Photographs could also act as brilliant souvenirs.

Brave a technology detox

With technology to keep us connected to home and aid us in almost everything, it can be hard to connect to new people or even know when to switch off. Taking a technology detox while visiting Ibadan is a sure way to immerse yourself in the city. You may ask: if I don’t access technology, how do I share my moments in Ibadan then? Good thing is you do not need to post all 300 photos of your visit to the museum or Agodi park tour to Facebook immediately. Wait till you are done with the trip.



Forfeit luxury, go for budget

A number of people go for luxury when visiting new cities, as they feel it is the best way to get the best from the location. With Ibadan however, you may want to go budget. Sure, there are a number of hotels that could be considered luxury, including the Owu Crown Hotel and Premier hotel, but staying in a remote village or a local’s home will be both adventurous and highly rewarding. The options may not be luxurious but they would serve as an eye-opening experience.