The American airlines will require all passengers above the age of two to wear a face mask at the airport and on board, strengthening a commitment to keep customers and team members safe.

This requirement has now been enforced.

Due to the risks for the protection of the asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 without face cover, every customer must wear a face cover as long as he enters the airport and must not remove it until they exit their arrival airport.

The new policy extends the provision for American airports in all regions, including lounges of the Admirals Club and aboard all American airlines, and provides for no exception for anyone older than 2 years.

“We will slow down the spread of Covid-19 according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention,” said American Airlines Chief Customer Official, Alison Taylor.

“Customers and team members were clear that they feel more comfortable when someone wears a covering on their faces.

“In light of this important feedback, we are expanding and enhancing our requirements onboard and at airports.”

The only time face coverings may be removed at the airport or onboard is when the customer is eating or drinking.

Those unwilling to comply with this face-covering requirement at any time during their journey with American may be barred from future travel for the duration of this face-covering requirement.