Online flight booking tickets
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The stress and pain of finding cheap flight deals can be disturbing especially when the prices fluctuate. Here are some tips to save you money and stress.

1. Use private browsing for your searches

Due to cookies in your browser, flight prices increase upon repetitive search of a route. The intention of this is for you to quickly book your ticket. Using private browsing clears your cookies. Try making it one search at a time then reopening your search tab.

2. Choose the cheapest place to fly

Flight prices varies with location with different airlines. This can be tampered with VPN to change your location or using a tool like Kayak for your search.

3. Search for airlines fare error

You can get seriously discounted airfares due to glitches, human error, and so on by airlines. AirFare WatchDog is a great tool to monitor this.

4. Book your flight early

Booking your flight at least six weeks in advance gives you a considerable discount and a good deal. Money saved here can be used for other needs like gifts or what you desire.

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5. Use a travel agent

Using a travel agent gives you lower airfares compared to the general prices offered o the public. But this doesn’t nullify self research you should carry out just to be sure and compare the flight prices.

6. Booking one-way

There are times when booking a one-way trip may give you the chance to save money on your to and fro ticket by booking on different airlines for each trip rather than a single one.

7. Checkout the local airlines.

Local airlines in a country sometimes offer better and amazing deals that do not appear on search but only reflect on the airline’s website.

8. Break your trip

If you’re travelling on a longhaul trip, which involves transfer from one flight to another, it can be advisable and save you a couple of hundreds to book for these flights separately if you wouldn’t mind a layover for a day or two.

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9. Check Twitter and Facebook

Some airlines announce special sales to fans on social media. Make sure you keep a look out on there and you have to be very fast because these deals aren’t for long.

10. Use multiple search engines

Due to different algorithm and inflation of prices which some do, it is advisable to search on more than one search engines to get the best prices.

11. Use coupon codes

Using a browser extension like honey lets you get all coupon codes available on that trip.

12. Check the airline’s website directly

At times, there are short term deals that are available only on the airline’s website. Checking the airline’s website gives you an added advantage and if there is a deal, you can save a few bucks this way.