We all know that Lagos hustle; waking up so early in order to avoid traffic and get to our destination at an anticipated time. But Lagos never disappoint, it hits you hard with traffic, if you are unlucky, you decide to leave just after rain falls, phew!  We are even of the opinion that “survived Lagos traffic” should be added to your CV as ability to work under pressure.

What if we told you there’s a way of avoiding the hustle and tussle of the traffic, imagine a Lagos where you can comfortably blaze pass traffic, we did Yaba to Lekki Phase one in 35 minutes on a day it “rained”, Yaba to CMS in 20 minutes to mention a few. Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on how we did it; it was MAX, the first okada-hailing app in West Africa (I like to call it Okada Uber).

Yes, you might have some reservations; “Bike? on Lagos road and highway?”, but MAX doesn’t joke with safety and take their recruitment very seriously. It takes 10 days for a driver (Champion) to be recruited after going through different test like psychographic test, driing test, etc,

Since its inception in 2016, MAX has had ZERO casualties after several hundred thousand trips. The use of helmet is made compulsory and enforced, driver speed is tracked throughout the trip as well as how they brake, and much more.

We definitely are convinced and have found a new way to ply Lagos road, the MAX way. More info below and let us know in the comment section if this is something you would try out.


About MAX

MAX.ng connects commuters and businesses to safe and affordable motorcycle-taxis on-demand. MAX moto-taxis have completed several hundred thousand rides and deliveries with zero casualties. MAX recruits, trains and on-boards drivers using psychometric data and other detailed checks. Drivers at MAX are called Champions.

They are trained, certified and regulated. The MAX Champions are actively tracked throughout the platform for customer and driver safety, and to ensure the highest quality of service. MAX enforces the use of helmets for both drivers and passengers thus guaranteeing highest safety standards, The MAX platform provides consistent transparent pricing to customers protecting customers and drivers from exploitation.

Our mission is to make transportation and logistics safe, accessible and affordable for 1 billion Africans. Our vehicles, mobile applications and network of agents help our customers access logistics and transportation services whenever they need it.

MAX.ng was fully launched in Lagos in April 2016

The MAX.ng mobile app is the first okada-hailing app in West-Africa, the app provides instant access to motorcycle transportation and delivery for commuters and businesses.


Safety first

In over 2 years of driving both passengers and products around Lagos, MAX has not had an incident that involved loss to property and/or life. SAFETY is at the core of the MAX brand and is interwoven into everything the company does. From the psychometric tests to the driver training program (The MAX Champion Academy), the highly advanced tracking systems and the real time telematic systems, the focus on safety is loud and clear.

All MAX Champions must use a helmet, and provide a helmet and disposable 1-use only hairnet to passengers. MAX Champions do not carry more than one passenger at a time. Carrying more than 1 passenger at a time is a leading cause of motorcycle traffic accidents, according to the Federal Road Safety Commission.

Infact, over speeding, lack of protective gear, disregard for traffic rules and carrying multiple passengers at a time are the four top reasons for bike accidents in Africa. By carefully eliminating these, MAX.ng has successfully built a safe and reliable system.

To provide best in class service, MAX.ng goes the extra mile by providing passenger liability insurance. All MAX Champions are also covered in the case there are problems.


Max Travel and Tech Soiree

Max opened the doors of its new HQ in Lekki to travel and tech bloggers in Lagos today as they announced a partnership opportunity for tourism industry and discussed the future of transportation in Lagos.

The CTO and Co-founder of MAX.ng, Chinedu Azodoh received the bloggers, and in his discourse on Max.ng as a futuristic brand and employability crusader, Mr. Azodoh described what is driving the growth at the company.

Chinedu Azodoh informed the guests present that besides being driven by the need to provide its growing customer base with valuable and great services, MAX is also inspired to help alleviate poverty especially for their drivers.

MAX.ng trains the drivers in customer service (how to relate better with customer), technology (how to operate the app and follow the maps for directions), clientele management (how to interface with clients and drive repeat business) and other relevant life skills.

Every Champion must complete the MAX Academy training program and participate in the Champion Orientation before they are allowed to work. Each Champion is given the opportunity to own a bike.

At MAX all Champions are monitored in real time from the MAX HQ to ensure safety procedures are followed at all times, and that customers are able to enjoy best in class service.

Chinedu mentioned the case of Michael. a 47-year-old driver who just joined the MAX.ng workforce in October 2017, and has via working with MAX been able to grow from his unstable financial status and improve the quality of living for himself and his family.


The MAX Lagos Tours

MAX has launched a partnership with Lagos tourism companies to provide motorcycle tours through key attractions in Lagos.

“See Lagos like you have never seen it before with MAX”

Tour companies today are in a constant battle with the renowned traffic that plagues Lagos. This partnership means the MAX Tour Partners can focus on touring and let MAX focus on navigating through traffic. The MAX Lagos Tour is SAFE, FAST and AFFORDABLE. If you’re interested in booking a MAX Lagos Tour, send an email to [email protected]

Champions Referral Program

The MAX Champion network is growing at break-neck speed. To continue to meet demand, MAX is hiring an additional 350 drivers. As part of that, for every driver who successfully becomes a Champion, the individual who recommended the Champion earns 2,000 naira only. How’s that for accolades.