If you travel frequently by air or road, here are 10 survival travel tips and tricks for you.

These tips and tricks are little things that could make your travel trips less stressful and more fun.

1. Always arrive at the airport early enough:

You may get to spend a little extra time at home, but there is so much you can do at the airport just by arriving a little earlier. You could get some work done, feel relaxed instead of rushing to check-in or even do some reading.

2. Get a seat at the back for overnight air travels:

If you are going to be travelling overnight, then always choose a seat at the back of the plane. Chances are, you would always find an empty row at the back because most people pick seats in the front so they could have an overall view of everything happening beneath.

3. Be the last to get on the plane

If you wait for the last call to get on the plane, then you wouldn’t have to wait on the queue for too long. Unless you have a carry-on that needs to go in an overhead bin, this is a great strategy. With this, you can have many scored rows to yourself which can be a blessing on a long flight.

4. Request Special Meals

Always request special meals. Whether you have special requirements or not, it is smart to order a special meal. Those who order a special meal get them served long before anyone else. Special meals are also normally much better quality.

5. Carry a neck pillow

Having a neck pillow is nice on long flights, but they are so bulky to carry. It bends nicely to be used as a general pillow while leaning against the plane wall. Instead of the typical bulky pillows, you use an inflatable neck pillow, which is great because you can deflate it and easily tuck it away.