The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted people’s lives and shut down many businesses around the world. The tourism industry is among the worst hit, as many popular tourist destinations are struggling with flights grounded and borders closed. Although domestic travel is allowed in some places, it does not seem that travelling abroad will be permitted anytime soon. Some countries are looking for ways and means to attract travellers to visit once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom , Japan, Bulgaria, Mexico and Cyprus have come up with different schemes for wooing tourists, and some have even agreed to pay visitors.

Check out the list below to learn more about the offers.


Sicily, the Mediterranean Sea’s largest island, attempts to attract visitors to the island by offering to pay for part of their stay. As per the offer, a person stays at a hotel for every three nights, they won’t have to pay for one night and museum and archaeological entry tickets will also be given. Not only that, but they’ll also pay half the ticket fare for the plane.


According to, the Association of Hotels in Cancun (AHCP) is promoting a project “Come to Cancun 2×1’’, which includes paying for 2 and getting 1 free. Another project, ‘Come to Cancun x2,’ offers two free nights every two paid nights, and some discount when travelling with a companion on the plane ticket.


Cyprus has an offer for those testing positive for COVID-19, unlike other deals which are being pursued by different countries. If a traveler tests positively at the airport check, the individual will be given free treatment while families or friends will be compensated by the government for their cost of accommodation, food and drink.


According to, the Japanese government is planning to pay half of a person’s plane ticket fare in a bid to get travellers back, and is also considering other incentives and could subsidize other travel costs.


Another unique deal is that being offered to the citizens of the United Kingdom by Visit Britain boss Patricia Yates. According to Sun Online Travel, Brits may be given money at home for holiday.

“So we could be looking at marketing campaigns or yes, you could give money straight to people and incentivise them to holiday at home,” Yates was quoted as saying.


Bulgaria is fast becoming a favorite among travelers and offers freebies to visit after COVID-19 lockdown to visit it. Free access to some beaches and free use of sun loungers and umbrellas are on offer.