A popular city located to the east of Lagos State, Lekki has a reputation for being an area with one of the most expensive real estate assets in Lagos StateNigeria, as it currently houses several Estates, gated residential developments, agricultural farmlands, areas allocated for a Free Trade Zone, with an airport, and a sea port under construction. There are two main local governments – Eti-osa and Epe in the area, however, it is better classified by the two phases in the Lekki vicinity:  Lekki Phase I and Lekki Phase II.

The city is not entirely intimidating as its environs are simple, classy and serene. However, with the high cost of living, the sprawl of major hot spots and limited public transport, it could pose a financial challenge for budget travellers who want to visit. Visitors are, however, bound to have fun in the area as there are numerous opportunities for fun including  several numbers of beaches and resorts around the location, a very bubbly nightlife and the music shows held frequently. They will find that this city is not all glitz; it has many cultural highlights as well as all the glamorous modern add-ons. Jovago.com, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal shares the details.



Lekki conservation Centre

One of the major Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) conservation sites, this major tourist attraction established in 1990 for the conservation of wildlife found in the south-west coastal environment of Nigeria, in the face of sprawling urban development, covers a land area of 78 hectares in Lekki.

Lekki Craft Market

The Lekki Craft Market is a classic open air African market, which offers almost everything from antiques to traditional Nigerian woven fabrics (Aso-Oke) and batik pieces, leather goods, Benin bronze works, wood carvings, drums and masks etc.

Nike Art Gallery

Ultimately, the number one spot for arts in Lagos state and the largest of its kind in West Africa, Nike Art Gallery is an art gallery in Lagos owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye. The gallery is housed in a five-storey tall building, it boasts a collection of about 15,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists.



Lekki’s hotels and resorts will dazzle and delight you as they are some of most expensive accommodation in Lagos, but luckily, they leave you feeling like you have gotten your money’s worth. Also, there is actually something to suit every taste — from opulent to standard. Aside from the high-end hotels, there are a few best value hotels, with traveller-friendly facilities. Boutique hotels are wonderful as well, however, some of them lack the facilities (pool, gym etc) available in other hotels of similar price brackets in other parts of the state.



Lekki can be a haven for shopaholics as the locals like to look good and set trends. Shoppers are spoilt for choice between gleaming new city-centre shopping centres, boutique arcades, bohemian streets and farmers markets. There is perhaps maybe too much choice for the tourist. Visitors can get anything from high street fashions, boutique gems, jewellery, gadgets, books, games, food or anything else under the sun for that matter.



The dazzling array of different restaurants and cafes, as well as local bistros you will encounter in Lekki, reflects the sheer joy the locals take in eating. Dining out is one of the main social activity. The menu is not restricted to local foods only. From Chinese to Indian, French and Lebanese,  Lekki restaurants have got it covered.  There is also food from every corner of Nigeria (and beyond) to be sampled too.


The Lekki  Lagoon located in the North of the city is part of a rich folklore and provides an important source of livelihood for the people of Lagos and Ogun State. It is the most important common property aquatic resources and the largest source of freshwater fish production in the states.

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