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From off-road adventure in its majestic mountains, desert camping under the stars, to bird watching in Parc National, Mauritania is an undiscovered treasure offering authentic and friendly African experience. Officially called the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, it is located in the Maghreb region of western Africa.

Mauritania is an isolated beauty. A land of endless enchanting deserts, empty coastlines and unique birdlife. It lay claims to some of the most picturesque scenery in Africa and the locals comprised of Arab-Berbers and Africans. Take a glimpse at the fishermen casting their rods, the stunning mountains looming in distance, men sitting on riverbanks with their morning tea and the local kids waving as you pass by. Mauritania is a great destination for outdoor lovers looking for an entirely offbeat destination.

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Mauritania has tremendous secrets to reveal to anyone that ventures into its territory. Mauritania is a visa free destination for Nigerians. Travelstart blog brings to you, 5 exciting and fun stuff to do while you explore Mauritania.

1. Watch a sunset from the labyrinthine lanes of the old city in Chinguetti

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Spend your dusk on the labyrinthine lanes and you are in for a treat. Locals bring their own chairs and set up to watch the time go by. Hawkers wander up and down, selling sweet treat of hot nuts, corn and tea. Take a moment to watch as the setting sun casts sculptured shadows over the lanes and bathe everything in a warm sweet orange glow. It is a breathtaking sight that should not be missed!

2. Experience the magic Of the Sahara

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There are not many places in the world where you can opt to spend the night in the desert. In Mauritania, you can enjoy the rare pleasure of closing your eyes to the star-studded skies at the saffron dunes in the Adrar. Better still, you can opt to take a camel ride around the enthralling desert and witness how mother nature has blessed Mauritania with a wealth of enchanting landscape.

3. Stroll around Nouakchott

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Nouakchott is the capital city of Mauritania. It is a city of contradictions and surprises. Small alleyways that appear to lead nowhere, actually lead to plush squares where elegant fountains shoot sprays of water and children play among stalls of spices. Don’t miss the Plage du Wharf where you can shop for beautiful carpets. Spend the day wandering the streets of Nouakchott – It’s time well spent.

4. Go birdwatching in the Parc National du Banc dArguinPhoto credit ~ Travelstartblog

Unearth the best of Mauritania’s attractions at the famous Parc National du Banc d’Arguin. It is a vast area of islands located on the Atlantic coast with one of the world’s largest bird sanctuaries. Roam around the island to discover this beautiful winged creature in their own natural habitat. Don’t forget to take few beautiful snapshot here to share on your Instagram/Facebook feeds.

5. Experience the Cultural Diversity

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Mauritania is mixed of the Arab and Berber population which forms a strong national identity, taking the best of its traditions and weaving the pattern anew. From the countryside to the cities, from the call to prayer from the lovely mosques to the loud beat of local hip-hop. Mauritania has a hundred faces and sounds, all ready to welcome travellers looking for spice and adventure.
6. The Beaches & Beyond

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That empty beach with nothing but a candlelit cabin and exotic marine life: they’re waiting for you in Mauritania. Kick back on the gloriously golden beaches in Nouadhibou which have turned into an unexpected surfing hotspot and this is certainly the best time to catch some big waves. If you have a 4×4 vehicle it is possible to drive along the beach or you can rather opt to jaunt along the coastlines. Whether you’re watching the sun rise between the beautiful shapes of the Adrar Desert or the shimmering horizon from the comfort of a hot spring in Cap Blanc, Mauritania landscapes are endlessly fascinating. There’s nothing like dipping into the cool Atlantic Ocean! Mauritania’s temperatures are usually +40°C –.
Best Time to Visit
Mauritian is a year-round destination. The climate is warm throughout the year which makes it a unique destination. However, September to November seems to be the hottest and driest time of the year. During the Christmas holidays, is also a perfect time to visit Mauritania.
Getting There

The easiest way to get to Mauritania is by flying. However, note there might be stops, depending on the airline you are travelling with. The airport code is NDB. The duration is usually 10 hours, 35 minutes(non-stop).