Safety Tips For Solo Female Travellers

Travelling around the world can be fun and amazing. Most destinations in the world are safe, whether you travel solo, our group, friends, e.t.c.

Solo traveling is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. If you had a travel partner, chances are, you are going to be with only them the entire duration of the trip. With solo travel though, you may be going alone but you do not have to spend it alone. Go out there and meet people

These are 17 safety tips you should know before booking your flight to ensure you protect yourself whilst having a happy journey.

1. Make Copies of Your Documents

Start with making copies of all your travel documents which include immunization record, itinerary, medical insurance card, passport, plane tickets, travel insurance, visas, e.t.c. before leaving for your trip. Save the documents as draft on your email so you can access the information from your smartphone should the paperwork be lost or damaged.

2. Be Confident

“Looking and acting confident even when you are not is a great attitude to have when traveling solo. You want to enjoy the journey without letting people know you are unsure of what’s ahead, even when you are. Chin up, walk straight, don’t drop your shoulders and walk with a little grin on your face. The idea is to look confident so you do not pass as an easy target.” – Jessica Ufuoma

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3. Keep your Money, Credit/Debit Cards and Passport in Separate Places

Keep some of your money in your money and credit cards in your wallet. Some of it could also be kept in your pocket in case of loss of wallet or theft to avoid being stranded (do not keep in the back pocket). On travel days, carry your passport separately from your money and credit cards.

4. Learn the Customs/Traditions of the Place you’re Visiting

“When carrying out your research, Understanding the customs/tradition of planned destination is very essential. You don’t want to be dressed inappropriately or found in areas where maybe you are not supposed to be at certain times. This will save you a lot of headache and drama.” – Lola ‘Daniyan of Unravelling Nigeria

5. Keep Your Solo Trip to Yourself

When planning a solo trip, the lesser people who know this, the better your safety. Don’t publicise the fact you are travelling on your own so you don’t inadvertently make yourself a target.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re travelling alone. If you’re in a cab for example, A fake call to your ‘friend’ or ‘husband’, letting him/her know that you’re on your way in a ‘red’ cab with ‘so-so’ plate number.
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6. Know Your Surroundings

“As a solo traveler, when getting to an environment you are new to, one must always  at the destination before nightfall. That way you can ensure you know your environment and you aren’t walking about with all your luggage and an invisible “TOURIST” written on your forehead.” – Simi of Eattechtravel.

7. Watch Your Drinking

This isn’t often said, drinking makes you dizzy which in return slows down your alertness and lose knowledge what is happening in your immediate environment.

Watch your drink closely so as not to get drugged. If you don’t open a drink yourself or it’s not opened/made in front of you, don’t drink it. If you leave your drink and go to the bathroom, when you come back get a new one. You don’t want to get drugged in an unknown town.

8. Getting a Local Sim

“When visiting remote places, communication becomes a hindrance due to poor coverage or poor/no access to the internet. Having a local sim becomes very useful in this case.” – Bids Adesanya of BidsInGraceLand

9. Stay Connected With Friends and Family

“Maintain constant communication with someone, near or far. It is important that even if you are seeking adventure in a wild or remote location, someone knows where you are. If something goes wrong (whether you run out of money or you get lost or in trouble), someone can know where to start looking for you from. Never just disappear from the face of the Earth.” – Funmi Oy of TVP Adventures.

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10. Use a Wedding Band

“If comfortable with you, using a wedding band or something that looks like that is at times helpful. It is very necessary in some places and it can sometimes keep away unwanted attention from men.” –Amarachi of Chapterone

11. Ask Questions

Typically, when you go to a new destination, my advice is to ask attendants in the hotel where you are staying things to be aware of and areas you should avoid. They are usually very knowledgeable and helpful with such information.

12. Pack Light

Travelling solo involves you moving from one place to another. You want to make sure you can do this easily without worrying about your bags. Packing light reduces your worries about keeping your valuables safe in a hotel.

13. Get a Checkup and the Appropriate Vaccines

Always have a medical check up before leaving for your trip to ensure that you are healthy enough to travel, and make necessary research to understand the health concerns of the country you are planning to visit. Different destinations around the world require vaccinations prior to your arrival, so make sure that you know the immunizations you need and that you are immunized before your trip.

14. Select Carefully who Takes Your Picture

Have your wits about you. Sometimes you want someone to help take a picture, Select carefully.

15. Lonely Night Walk

Walking down the lonely roads or alleyways at night isn’t advisable.

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16. Figure Out Your First Point of Call

Before you land in an airport or bus station, you must have figured out how to get to your first point of call. Try not to arrive late at night at unfamiliar places

17. Extra Cash

In cases where you leave your wallet behind or can’t find your purse, having a bit of cash on you in case of an emergency but not too much.

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