Lekki Arts and Craft Market

The Lekki Arts and craft market, also known as Oba Elegushi market or Jakande market is the number one go-to market for some of the most creative, original art and handmade crafts in Lagos

And the fact that everything is “really really” affordable is a huge added bonus. Art lover in Lagos and you don’t know about Lekki Arts and Craft Market? Weird flex but okay. Let me tell you how my “wakajugbe” led me to this treasure trove.

It was a hot sunny afternoon in December as harmattan decided to go AWOL on us this year; global warming isn’t even a joke in Nigeria. I hopped out of the house with my cousin to drag our feet across the streets of Lagos and discover the undiscovered and the market was the first location I pushed for.

Now, the market is located On Oba Elegushi Street, just before the fifth roundabout, off Lekki-Epe Expressway. It’s a 10 minutes’ drive from Lekki Phase 1.

I must say, the ease of getting there isn’t so great. The road is terrible and will probably be a lot worse in the raining season as it has the potential to be waterlogged (shallow drainage system).

Looking past the bad road leading there, the market looks more like a shopping complex, and because of the vertical architectural design, you might not immediately notice it as an art market until you’re actually inside, maybe a signage would make it a lot easier.

Arriving at the market, the compound has a fair packing space, but be prepared to pay N200 ($0.54) for parking if you are driving. Some guys would tell you right before you pack and you will be compelled to pay when you’re about leaving.

Pose at Lekki art market carvings
Seye (my cousin) giving them one “For the Gram”

After we got out of the car, I drew out my water bottle (man must remain hydrated) and prepared to unleash my bargaining skills. I must mention, cash is king in this market, though a few number of traders allow for bank transfer. The market, because of its structure is easy to navigate through without having to back track again repeatedly. It is really well organized.

Starting off at an Ankara stall, on display were Ankara back packs, female Ankara bags, Ankara purses, and Ankara fabric themselves. They looked really nice and come at a good price but remember you’ve got to have strong bargaining skills. I remember starting of the negotiation for the Ankara backpack at N5,000 ($13.72) but finalized for N2,000 ($5.49) that leaves us at 40% bargaining threshold; but you know the saying “No one buys the first jean they try on”.

If you give an impression of rich person, you will be exploited, but rather I spoke “pidgin English” every time I had to negotiate to ease off tension, and if I observe you’re Yoruba, I spoke the Yoruba dialect to enhance familiarity for a better price.

painting at Lekki arts and crafts market
Painting at the market

After series of Ankara stalls for price comparison came the craft works ranging from wooden sculptures to metallic works. Each art stall had its own story and specialization, some majored on bigger wooden sculptures, metallic works, brass, Yoruba works, and many more. These works ranged from N5000  ($13.72) up to as high as N300,000 ($821.25) depending on the work. I got a wood carving of a guitar integrated into a saxophone, it left me speechless the moment I saw it, then I knew I had to get it.

Moving on was to explore the bead works, paintings and leather stalls. These guys had for sale amazing cowrie beads, bracelets, straw hats, actual coral, leather bags, wallets, and many more (the list is endless). I got a leather wallet for N1,000 ($2.74) after negotiating from N2,500 (same 40% bargaining threshold). In between all of these hassles was finding time to have a good sweet orange for refreshment – “I cannot come and die they say, Lol”.

Crafts at lekki arts market
Beads and other craft works

Major Takeaways:

  • Good stall layout and organization
  • Relatively Cheap goods
  • Originality of art works and crafts
  • Zero harassment (unlike Yaba Market)
  • Not crowded


  • Improve on Road network leading here
  • Signage for easy Identification
  • Traders should have alternative payment method like POS available
Wood craft works at Lekki art market
Wood Carvings
Painting of a mother and Daughter at lekki arts market
A painting of a mother and daughter at the market

So here was my experience at the Lekki Arts and crafts market.

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