I think of Port Harcourt as the snobby, classy part of the clique, the ajebutter one. When you think of Port Harcourt City, what do you love about it. Besides the insane traffic, over populated spaces and outrageous prices of food items, I love so many stuff about Port Harcourt.

Bole King

You are not a bona-fide Port Harcourt resident if you haven’t taed the almighty bole and fish. Bole and fish in Port Harcourt is like Okpa is to Enugu, you bump into it at every street corner, every day. One of Port Harcourt’s most successful start up restaurants, Bole King has taken the roadside delicacy of roasted plantain, yam and fish, slathered with a peppery palm oil sauce to a classy and more befitting conditions without losing any of its unique deliciousness. Palm wine and fruit juice are also served along with your meal.

Kilimanjaro Bread (Nibbles)

Kilimanjaro restaurants are sprawled around Port Harcourt, with branches at every major street outlets. It is a modern, clean with a youth like excitement about it, popular among office workers and students who drop by for an early breakfast or late lunch. It offers an wide range of Nigerian dishes such as amala, soups, pounded yam, rice and stew all at friendly prices. But my personal favorite is the Kilimanjaro bread, baked fresh and hot by the Nibbles bakery.

Mile One Market

A big part of the Port Harcourt experience is shopping in mile one market, one of the biggest open markets in Nigeria, which is located in the Diobu area of Port Harcourt City. It is a sprawling, busy and sometimes chaotic open market offering everything from dried crayfish to cheap Chinese suitcases and fairly-used materials like clothes, electronic appliances etc. You can also to get items like the traditional Nigerian/African wear both in small and large quantity. It usually opens from 6.00 a.m. up to 9.00 p.m. It reminds of the notorious Lagos traffic, people bumping into each other and the haggle of prices clashing into each other. Prices can go as low as your haggling skills and as high as you’re willing to pay.

Port Harcourt City Mall( Spar)

One of the fun places and attractions in the city of Port Harcourt is the Port Harcourt City Mall, Spar. The mall just like in most big cities is a hubbub of activity and a perfect spot for fun seekers. With a shopping complex, cinema and various food courts, there is a little bit of something for everyone at the mall. I love the supermarket where you are can get anything from laptops, phones, chocolates, cakes, fresh fruits and especially ice cream, but all at outrageous prices. While most Port Harcourt girls and boys visit the mall to ride the elevators, escalator or buy a bottle of coke but take a thousand pictures, it’s still a great place to hang out.

Port Harcourt Zoo

The Port Harcourt zoo was officially opened to the public on October 1, 1975. Situated approximately 23 km from the airport, the zoo is home to many uncommon animal species such as lions, cobra, monkeys, chimpanzees, turtles, crocodiles, ostriches, donkeys, gazelles, peacocks and many bird species. The weekends are the time of the week when the zoo is mostly patronised. On Sunday visits you get to witness the feeding of the animals, especially the Lions. There is nothing like watching the once majestic lions in a feeding frenzy. Within the zoo, you will find the museum where two large lions and lioness were embalmed. These two creatures were killed by electrocution when they attacked and ate the zoo attendant who came to feed them and forgot to lock the cage.

The High End Clubs and Lounges

On the weekends, the perfect way to unwind sometimes after a long busy week, is to have a little fun at the high end clubs, bars, or lounges spruting across the city. You get to eat hot pepper soup, take a bottle of Snapps, red wine or any choice of drink you want and watch the strippers do their thing. You can dance away the night, laugh loudly and live free.