It is no surprise that Abuja -despite being described as boring by so many who have visited- has a very exciting nightlife. Besides visiting the exciting range of bars and clubs ideal for the elite traveler, there are a number of fantastic things that one can do at night while visiting the city.


Night drive

A drive around the city at night is certainly a fun activity to engage in while visiting Abuja. Despite rumors of terrorists’ attacks and bombing, the city is safe and secure for night tours. A good thing about Abuja is that transportation is cheap so you really do not even have to drive around in your own car. Charter a taxi cab or use Uber and explore the city. Unless you want a silent drive around, the driver of the car will most likely be a local who can point out notable sights and landmarks.


Café hunting

There are so many cafés in Abuja and most of them (especially those which also serve as lounge/bar) open till late in the night. You can spend your night checking out these cafés, moving from one spot to another and savoring their gastronomic offerings, as well as luxuriating in varied ambiance.A great café to start with is the Bunna Café. If it is a Friday and you are up for it, you can even catch a night film at The Cube Cafe.


Live band binge

Music is food for the soul and so, the perfect way to spend a sleepless night in Abuja would certainly be indulging in a live band binge. There are so many spots to relax and enjoy a classy live-band experience. If you are staying at the Transcorp Hilton hotel, you may just need to stroll  to the Safari Nite club located on-site and spend your time absorbing to the music and enjoying a few beverages of course.

Person watches TV at night in his bed with his feet sticking up out of the blankets. The TV screen is blank white

Local TV/Radio marathon

Luckily, you do not need to pay extra to get quality entertainment on TV while in Abuja as there are a number of local stations offered free to people within the city…as long as the TV has a sensor or antenna of course. Some channels you may want to check out include NTA Channel 5 Abuja, Degue Broadcasting Network  (DBN), e.t.c. If you are more of a radio person, you can spend the night tuned to any of the local radio stations, including: 88.9 – Brilla FM, Abuja – Sports, 92.9 – Kapital FM (FRCN), Abuja, 93.5 – ASO Radio, Abuja, 95.1 – Nigeria info Abuja, 96.1 – Urban Radio, Abuja, 96.9 – Cool FM, Abuja, e.t.c


Sleep, Sleep and Sleep

No matter where you are in the world, the first thing that comes to mind to do at night usually is sleeping. Sleeping through the night while in Abuja is probably one of the best things to do, especially if you are there on business and you have had a long day. The city is quiet and serene compared to other metropolitan cities in the country. To ensure you have a peaceful rest, you may want to lodge in one of the “chilled” hotels who have great furniture. First on our list for the budget traveler is Tranquil Mews hotel. You can find other options here.