It’s definitely safe to say, ‘Welcome to December’. The festive season is here already, pretty much everyone is making holidays plans for the Christmas, places to see, new food to try out or new counties to explore, a city to travel to. There’s a lot of festivals and events lined up for the festive season, especially the Calabar Carnival. Visitors to a new city, need a hotel to stay in. If you are thinking of going to calabar for the calabar carnival, we are super excited about that, just as you are, so we have compiled a list of nice hotels to stay in while in Calabar.
Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

 The Tinapa Lakeside Hotel is a hotel you can make use of when you are around for the carnival. It is accommodating for people of luxury and high taste. If you have a great time at the carnival, why not have exceptional accommodation? The staff is trained to pamper you at whim, and the food is delicious. This can serve as one of the family hotels in Calabar.

Transcrop Hotels

This hotel has made a name for itself in Calabar. The view from your room is great, and the interior is decorated to make you feel good about the money spent here. There are facilities like the fitness center to keep your mind and soul in one place. 

Five Two Zero

Five Two Zero serves you differently. From the reception hall down to your room, there are great things to look at. You would love that the bar is stocked fully to your indulgence. The interior is calm and beautiful, while their staff is trained to make sure your stay for the Calabar Carnival is without a hitch. 

Channel View Hotel

This is one of the biggest hotels you can see in Calabar. There is the Mayfair Lounge where you can dance, a bar to drink at, and facilities to make you feel at home. Channel View Hotel is built to give you comfort and relaxation. You can easily make your way to the carnival grounds from here. 

Axari Hotel And Suites

Axari Hotel and Suites is strategically located in the midst of the venues for events the Calabar Carnival has for you. The food here is simply irresistible, and the service is exceptional. This is one hotel you can st in Calabar if you love affluence. 

Marian Hotels Limited

You may never know who you are going to see when you come to Marian Hotels Limited. Most Nollywood stars and artistes often make use of these hotels. Make your vacation in Calabar exciting during the carnival when you stay at this hotel.