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I love coffee, not the Nigerian coffee, Nesface but regular old coffee. I love the smell of coffee too, taking a deep sniff of the rich brown flavor and aroma. An early morning well spent, is sitting by the large windows of a coffee shop, sipping from an oversized coffee mug, nibbling on a French roll, smelling the coffee, taking in the environment, reading a book, writing or working. There’s a sublime experience that comes with coffee shops.

Lagos is like the New York City of Nigeria, and the level of energy there is mind boggling. There’s also so many coffee shops spruting up across the city and offering an out of the world experience. Well if you are a coffee lover, there’s some amazing coffee shops in Lagos, to hang out in.

Cafe Neo
Cafe Neo is the home to a modern and more vibrant approach to showcasing Africa’s coffee heritage. Each cup of coffee is a blend of richness, quality goodness and perfection, produced from coffee sourced from the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda, each bean nurtured then roasted to premium quality.

Cafe Neo has several branches across Lagos, offering a conducive environment and a comfortable relaxing atmosphere for both work and play. Cafe Neo offers Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Mocha, Frapps and more. Opening hours are usually Sundays to Saturdays, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

The Jazzhole
The Jazzhole on Awolowo Road Ikoyi, a busy street, is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Lagos. At the Jazzhole, drinking coffee becomes a beautiful experience in Nigeria. You don’t just drink coffee at the Jazzhole, you listen to music (jazz) and read both old and new (Nigerian) books and glance at and review African artworks. It offers an all round excitement for both the coffee, music, art and book lover. On a typical morning in Jazzhole, you can sit and read a book, while jazz plays from the speakers and you sip from your cup of coffee It is also a great place to do some early morning work. The Jazzhole screams a vibrant African setting with its great selection of music and books, and hey, they even make tea. Opening hours are Sundays to Saturdays, 8am to 8pm.

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Art Cafe
There’s a lot to feast your eyes on at the Art Cafe, if you are an art enthusiastic. You will also be immediately taken in by the relaxing, warm and artistic environment, that comes with. The Art Cafe is located in Victoria Island, and the food is quite impressive as the coffee served there. You get to enjoy your cup of perfectly blended coffee, or a choice of organic tea, while you nod off to the music there, that is to die for.

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Art Cafe offers the fairest prices you can trust. Also available is the kiddies play room where in order to keep the children entertained, they get their face painted. They also serve very tasty sandwiches and cakes. Opening hours are Sundays through Saturdays, 9am to 10pm.

My Coffee Lagos
My Coffee Lagos is the perfect place to be on a cold rainy day to chew on a fresh croissant and drink a cappuccino. My Coffee Lagos is a nice cozy spot nestled in Victoria Island, and open to expats and locals alike, where several types of coffee drinks, tea, fresh juice, pastries, cakes and sandwiches are offered in a warm and friendly environment.

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It is a great place to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked and prepared pastries for breakfast with friends, family, colleagues or simply work or you can just kick back and relax after a long day. There is also a loyalty program where every 5th coffee is free. They offer a specialty, the first coffee shop in Lagos to offer salted coffee with cheese, take away service and free WiFi for work and pleasure. Opening hours are Sundays to Saturdays, 7am to 7pm.

Stranger Lagos
Stranger Lagos is an coffee shop In Lekki which is born out of the passion to feed on and share their curiosities and interests with a wider audience. . Stranger Lagos started out as concept boutique that stocks many alternative international and local fashion designers and them evolved into to include a mini café and bar that serves freshly brewed continental teas, coffees and whiskies alongside pastries and light snacks. They also have co-working space that allows customers to have access to free Wi-Fi and a quiet place to work.

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Stranger Lagos has hosted different activities at the store such as yoga and meditation, film screenings, and contemporary art installations and exhibitions. On Fridays, Stranger has a ‘Game Night’, where guests and regulars participate in playing various board and card games like Monopoly, Code Names, Cards against Humanity, and Scrabble etc. Stranger Lagos is a space open to creatives to explore and express beautiful ideas and interests. It’s cozy work space is great news to introverted freelancers, start-ups entrepreneurs, and art enthusiast. The Stranger Lagos workspace is open Tuesdays to Sundays. It is the only place you can actually brew your coffee yourself in Lagos. They open for business from 9am, Sundays to Saturdays.


If you are in Lagos sometime for business or pleasure, and you need to get some an amazing coffee experience. Visit one of these coffee shops and get a good spot, read a good book or work away on your laptop and sip on a freshly brewed coffee.