Happy Monday guys. I hope you are pumped as I am. It’s been a great week for a start already, the smell of the harmattan is becoming more intense. Christmas is a magical time of the year, every one becomes lively, love filled and friendly and the atmosphere is resonating with so much love and excitement. 

Growing up as a kid in Nigeria, Christmas holidays revolved around traveling home to the village to reunite with the extended family, eating anything you can get your hands, going on adventures and December festivals. While that’s is pretty cool, things has got to be different this year, traveling is a new way of learning. We will be sharing with your guys, what cities to explore and why you should, this Christmas holidays. There’s why you should explore the city of Jos this holidays. 

Jos is a city set on a rock, of breathtaking scenery, excellent weather and serenity.  Jos is the capital of Plateau State, located in the middle belt region of Nigeria. Jos which is referred to as J-town by the locals is a mix of urbanization, tourism, peace, history and cultural diversity. Places to explore while in Jos include:

Rayfield Holiday Resort

The Rayfield resort is one of the best resorts in Nigeria. It is located 4km from the Jos metropolis. The fantastic scenic environment and pleasing atmosphere offers tourists endless fun of boating, swimming, sun bathing, horse riding, sport fishing, picins, get togethers, parties and indoor games. The resort is perfect for a leisure filled day out or weekend hangout. Bar and restaurant facilities are available between 10.00am-7.00 pm daily. For golf enthusiasts, the Rayfield resort is home to the Rayfield Golf Club, a major hang out for many prestigious Jos locals. You can spend your time, playing golf or learning how to. 

Shere Hills

 Shere Hills have undulating rocks and formations with peaks and dips that would excite a mountain climber. It is situated about 10 kilometres east of the Jos metropolis. Its numerous peaks reach a height of about 1,829 metres of 6,001 feet above sea level. Several watercourses and hillocks are scattered among the highlands which adds to the uniqueness of the landscape with its cluster of hamlets and villages tucked in-between. You can get a great view of the city from the hills. 

Suya at Standard Building

Extremely popular and known as the No.1 suya spot in Jos, every local as well as visitor is sure to get the best taste of Nigeria’s favorite delicacy at this venue. From chicken suya, to beef and fish suya, as well as the palatable Massa (corn cakes) , customers are spoilt with choice. The venue also offers a variety of cold drinks for visitors who want to sit and enjoy their suya while listening to music. An interesting site to see in this area is the tallest building in Jos: the Joseph Gomwak house.

Picnic at Assop Waterfall

Food, drinks and a picnic blanket are basically all you need for an afternoon of fun at the Assop Falls, a major tourist site in Jos. The site is an area of Guinea Savanna on the slopes and top of a mid-altitude ridge of the Jos Plateau, beside the Jos-Kagoro road, about 70 km from Jos. The vegetation comprises gallery forests sorrounded by grasslands. The Assop river, which feeds the picturesque rapids and falls, drains part of the Jos Plateau. Pack a picnic, pop open a bottle of Champagne and plop down on the ample vegetation to soak in the glowing scenery in its full regalia. The Assop water fall is also a great location to shoot movies, photo shoots and other events. 

The Jos National Museum

Home to variety of pleasant artworks and artefacts like the first train engine used to transport tin from Jos. The Museum is a must see and with a community of artists and artisans settled right beside it, you’re sure to go home with a few beautiful and affordable pieces from future art revolutionaries.

 Jos Zoo and Jos Wildlife Park

The Zoo is a famous tourist attraction for visitors looking to feast their eyes. . Just right beside the Museum it has dancing Chimpanzees who do the most hilarious Michael Jackson impression, larger than life hyenas that rarely ever cackle insanely as expected and the huge yet gentle elephant. These are some of the thrilling sights and sounds of the Zoo.

The Wildlife Park is one of the largest man made wildlife parks in Nigeria. It is unique for it’s exotic and rare collection of  reptiles, birds and animals. It extends into the Vongnifwel Hill and the Pine Forest. You can have your picnic here and enjoy the natural scenario of the park