Photo Credit: Emebiriodo

When I think of traveling by train, I imagine sitting by the train window, the brisk winds getting into my eyes, ears and ruffling my hair while I watch thick giant trees sliding past the greeny landscape. While, travelling by train is an exhilarating experience, it comes with it, a couple more benefits too.

If you are going on a long trip, a family vacation or exploring a new city for the first time, taking a train ride is an exciting option because,

Trains Are Safe Places
Trains are typically safe places, free form the occasional social harassment and night robberies of bus travels. Trains are the second most secure means of transportation, except for the collisions which happens rarely.

However, you have to keep a keen eye on your luggage, so it ,doesn’t get stolen by someone else, especially luggages containing food items, because you know how important that is.


Photo Credit: Victor Adéwálé

Trains Provide Comfort
I always opt for sitting in front in the drivers area, when I take bus rides, because sitting with the other passengers can be pretty much uncomfortable. Someone is almost sitting on your thighs, as you are squeezed together in a seat, your nose is often in another person’s smelly armpit, your body sticks with the others’ sweaty body or your butt is tired from sitting on the cramped seat.

Just like airplanes, with different categories for flyers, trains offer first class and economy coaches. You are guaranteed a luxury treatment when you book a first-class seat. The coach is usually spacious, the seats are lush and warm with convertible features allowing you recline horizontally when you are sleepy, a bar and toilets. It offers the convenience, comfort and an amazing experience all at once.


Trains Are Way Cheaper
Traveling by train is the cheapest means of transportation, compared to traveling by road, air or water. You get a wonderful experience, comfort and low expenses all in one. The price of a train ticket in Nigeria cost as low as 700 naira for economy coaches, and 3000 naira for first class coaches. But these prices differ from each train station and the length of distance to be covered.

Train Rides Always Offer an Out of Box Experience
Train rides always give you an enjoyable experience, accompanied with exciting memories. You get to watch the beautiful scenery and take pictures as the trains glides past. You meet amazing people on board the train and chip into conversations, no matter how boring. When you stick your head out the window to buy okpa, plantain chips, corn or bread from the hawkers who swarm like bees to the windows, you learn to throw the money to the hawker when the train moves abruptly, or learn to never pay the pure water sachet seller, until she gives you, your change, or she ends up making away with your money. Train rides is a great way to read a book by the window or simply write.