I love Paris. I want to travel to Paris one day, to see the fashion boutiques, the world-class restaurants and the Eiffel Tower. Jude, an aspiring chef wants to travel to Italy to learn more about the cuisine, (he is especially curious about the spaghetti bolognese or perhaps to Canada for a Masters in Law. Gideon wants to travel to France because of the classy girls or go see the beauty of Spain. Regy wants to see London someday.

A lot of people would want to see Zanzibar too, a twitter thread shows that but a travel blogger Nosa has given spoiler alerts on Twitter. Nosa shared that most travel bloggers won’t tell you that Zanzibar is full of goats and village roads, that 90% of the hotels don’t sell alcohol. Nosa who took a trip to Zanzibar opined that a hotel shuttle is like one of the small buses in Lekki, Lagos.

The only fun stuff to do in Zanzibar is having sex with your partner, day in, day out, sorry if your ass is single. There’s absolutely nothing to do in Stone Town, snorkelling is fun only for the 30 minutes. And if you are about to propose to your partner or go on a sexcation, going to Zanzibar is a no-no, staying in Lagos is probably fine and more fun.

A tweep definitely agreed with Nosa, he thinks that Zanzibar is too puritanical, the Kenyan Coast is a better choice, it has better hotels, whiter beaches, all the alcohol you will ever want and of course no goats.

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