abuja sky

Abuja, the Federal capital territory of Nigeria, is a popular destination for expats who come to Nigeria. Not only because it has a large population but also because it is home to the Nigerian government.

Abuja is the ideal place to plant some new roots if you are looking for an area to inhabit while in the country. However, to thrive, it is important to not only adapt to its unique lifestyle, but also embrace it.

If you are considering calling Abuja home soon, Jumia Travel, offers 6 tips for thriving and surviving.


Embrace the Culture

Do not just stick to what you know, rather study the environment and observe the locals. Visit museums and galleries. Ask questions too and learn the basics – the city’s history and culture. Figure out the prevalent customs, values and the city’s way of life and decide on how best to adapt them.

Go outdoors any chance you get

Abuja is so close to other desirable locations in the country and going away for a weekend will not be a big deal. With a local airport and several bus stations anything is possible. If you are not up for travelling to other cities, then start with exploring the different districts within the territory. Make the most of your time, enjoy, and know that you have settled in a fantastic city.

Embrace the internet

Thanks to internet and social media, moving to a new country has certainly become a lot easier. Not only can you download apps via the internet which will give you clues on where best to go for food or night entertainment, however you also have extensions that can show you details and directions on how to get there… and you don’t even need a guide or an interpreter. The internet also has a wide resource on information around homes and properties if you are hunting for a new home among other things and places.


Put the phone away, explore

Staying glued to the phone, keeping up with friends from your old home slows the pace of everyone around, and ensures you miss out on a lot. Yes, the city can feel lonely sometimes, but many people feel the same.  Go out, make friends. Spend the money, take the trip, eat the food, do it all. London has so much to offer, that if you put anything off it’ll likely never happen. Don’t be afraid to travel off the beaten path and explore too. You could go mountain climbing at Zuma rock, over visit the many other attractions in the city. Spend the money, take the trip, eat the food, do it all. Abuja has so much to offer!

 Join clubs and groups

When you move to Abuja, chances are you do not have friends and even if you have moved for work, you still need some time before you can connect with your colleagues on a deep level. A good way to speed things up on the social level is by joining clubs and groups to meet other people who share similar interests, that way, you immediately have something in common with your new acquaintances, and it is easier to bond.

Remember that everything takes time

The city is “chill”, expensive, and fabulous. It can all be too overwhelming, but you need to remember that everything takes time and so, you will require more time before you can embrace the city as whole and blend in completely.