Spaghetti Bolognese meal

At the end of sharing the beautiful experience of the meal in my last post, there was a real need to show the process and steps involved in making the beautiful dish of Bolognese.

The meal, I call a thing of Art because there isn’t just one way of making it, which can be a total beauty in disguise, because wherever you are in the world you can make your style despite the fact that its origin is from Italy, therefore I make mine; call it ‘Miles Le Nese’.


This meal can be made as such: Miles Le Nese


  • Mince meats or shredded beef/corned beef
  • Eggs
  • Bell pepper and tomatoes purry
  • Carrot, spring onions, white onions, garlic
  • Seasoning, salt, bay leaf
  • Green peas
  • Pasta
  • Olive oil



  • Cook the pasta and keep aside to cool
  • Boil your minced meat or fry the corned beef with butter or the olive oil
  • Chop your bell pepper, carrot, spring onions, white onions, garlic and boil them for 10mins with low fire
  • Heat up your oil for 2-4mins before mixing your tomatoes purry, then allow to fry for till it becomes molded and sticky
  • Add ½ cup of water, then include your boiled minced meat and allow to cook for 2-4mins with constant stirring
  • Add your boiled sauce to it and reduce the heat then allow it to simmer.


Doing all this at the end eventually brings out the taste and beauty in it, well seeing his believing so the next article would contain a video of how to. But I’m pretty sure that the steps written in this would and should show the way of making this meal, I hope I have been able to give a full idea of how to make the meal as an art.


Author – Chef Miles