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It was a beautiful Friday evening, it happened to be my birthday eve, I just returned from school to stay the weekend after a stressful Unilag week.

The next morning is suppose to be a stress free day but then come the idea to make a beautiful dish.  My dad was like; ooooooo we should make really cool fried eggs like sunny side up or vegetable omelet and I was like we eat that the most and he said I’d try something new.

We went out and got the ingredients, trust me at the time I didn’t like cooking. He decided that he was going to make spaghetti Bolognese, the name sounded very tush and Italian so I loved the sound of it.


We got the ingredients and started to make the dish, I was not interested all I wanted was to eat, eat, eat. Well it got to moments where I could not wait, so I pretended to want to take water from the fridge and the aroma of the uncooked or partly cooked meal made me come with a conversation so I could remain in the kitchen and watch and really get the full saint of everything.

I didn’t want his ego to go up so I didn’t compliment the way the meal was bringing out one of the best aroma. It felt like Chef Gusto’s kitchen. Couldn’t take it, so I asked hope there is going to be enough for round two? and he had a grin on his face and said ‘why not’.

The meal was ready and by the time it was served it got me thinking……………I sincerely love food and from that day I called it a piece of art because you start as raw ingredients and end up with something people crave for, so I told him I want to learn.

Eating that Bolognese changed the way I taught about everything and gave me a perspective about things and made me love the beauty and art of cooking. Different nations, race, love food and no matter what forms it, it brings the joy of art to the stomach.

This story is about the beginning of Chef Miles and what me to love the adventure of cooking, the next post is going to contain the simple way of making the spaghetti Bolognese  and various other episodes would contain other direction on how to cook like chef miles.


Author: Chef Divine Miles