Originally named Avwraka until anglicized to “abraka”, Abraka town is one of the 22 towns in Urhobo kingdom, located in the southern parts of Nigeria. Endowed with some of the most beautiful sceneries in Urhobo land, the town is one of the Delta state‘s – and Nigeria’s – most popular vacation spots for both domestic and international tourists. The city’s pleasant climate makes it a very popular holiday destination, particularly for those in the southern regions of the country. Though destinations often are said to offer something for everyone, the Abraka area offers multiple enticements for everyone: its trendy nightlife, the plush hotels, and resorts, historic hideaways, the lures of deep-sea fishing and canoeing, Art festivals and outdoor food and picnics, the Abraka area offers all of this – and so much more.


River Ethiope


River Ethiope is one of the most important rivers in Delta State with natural flowing spring water. It is the deepest inland waterway in Africa, and it flows through seven local government areas in the state before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

Abraka turf and country club


Located in Abraka, Abraka turf and country club is surrounded by a rich tropical rainforest and bordered by the River Ethiope.It is Nigeria’s only equestrian leisure club, as it features a horse club where an international polo tournament takes place every year during Easter.

The Abraka beach


This beach is famous for its natural flowing spring water, and has some sports recreational facilities for outdoor activities like canoeing, fishing, swimming, barbecue, picnicking



From intimate boutique hotels to plush resorts, you can find your perfect home away from home in Abraka. It’s all about atmosphere. The rooms of most hotels may look chic, but are as comfortable as sleeping on a concrete slab. Once you decide how much atmosphere you want, the choice will be easier. Fortunately, the hotels in Abraka – though not many- are moderately priced, more casual options. Worth checking out is Abraka River Resort Motel, which has its own sandy beach on a river that flows through a beautiful forested area, and Gordon River Resort, another great spot which is a delight for those wanting to get away into the kind of serenity that an African jungle can offer.  It pays to try to negotiate the price of a room. You, however, can save yourself all the stress by booking and getting the lowest possible price for rooms via Jumia Travel.



Whatever you’re craving, Abraka’s got it. It would, however, be great to try some of the local delicacies such as Banga soup and starch.  Basically, Abraka is one place you can experience fine dining without the pretense. Although travelers do not necessarily choose a hotel by its dining options, a number of Abraka’s best restaurants can be found inside hotels. And with just about a handful of restaurants to choose from, dining out is unique for locals and visitors alike. You can enjoy a moderately priced meal while having a waiter hover over you. Again, because seafood is plentiful, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy the appendages of a crab or shrimps.


Abraka may not be one of Nigeria’s premier shopping towns;but visitors who come every year do find what to spend their money on. The town offers some unique shopping spots, where you can buy groceries, clothes, and even electronics.



Abraka is home to the prestigious Delta State University. That’s why the town has nickname ‘University Town’.

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