Traveling the world can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life, but it can be a nightmare to decide what to take along with you. These top five curated basic travel needs will make your trip and planning much easier!

These top five curated basic travel essentials should make your journey feel like a home away from home!

1. A Portable Power Source

If you’re miles away from the nearest power source or you can’t get the confidence to ask the shop assistant if you can use a battery, don’t be afraid! Since you can have your own plug-in power source that can charge most of your electrical products, it makes your life much easier unexpectedly. 

Most hostels won’t give you your own plug socket comfort, but that doesn’t matter as you’re going to have your own power source! Your phone charge will never be less than 100 per cent now, so there will be no excuses not to answer your mother!

2. World Adapter

Not every country will have the same plug socket as yours sadly. So country-hopping may seem fun at the time but it’s not to cart a bunch of compatible sockets around. With a world travel adapter, you can use your electrical items without worrying no matter where you are going. Just check the packaging on the back; if it fits any socket in the world then you’re okay to go.

3. Earplug

Earplugs are essential to blocking out the dorm room the snorers, midnight gigglers and drunken stumblers you’ll find. You’ll get the beauty sleep you deserve with a decent pair of earplugs, making your stay much more comfortable than the place infested with 2 * cockroach that it is more than likely to be. Your dream travelling companion would definitely become them.

4. Camera

Memory making is what travel is all about so don’t forget to capture it on a good camera. There’s no better feeling than looking back at what you’ve done and realizing what an incredible journey you’ve been through. Invest in camera sticks so that images can be saved and sent home just for extra protection. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself on the way!

5. Travel Towel

We still forget that for our round the world journey, we need two towels; one for the beach and one for keeping us clean. For this very issue, the micro-towel was invented. The lightweight material and drying power make for an awesome low maintenance towel that can fit in your backpack ‘s spare dark holes. It will dry you out in minutes, leaving you clean and free of air.