Traveling is amazing, even more amazing is public Wi-Fi. Using Wi-Fi is much more faster and saves your battery than using mobile data. Also for the business man or employee who is always on the go, travelling on business trips, using Wi-Fi helps you to work or reply emails. With the inconsistency of mobile networks, using Wi-Fi is a real lifesaver. Here are some brilliant ways to get free Wi-Fi when you travel.

1. Always Book Hotels With Free Wi-Fi

A lot of hotels now provide free Wi-Fi as an incentive to attract more customers and bookings. When booking hotels, whether online or physically, always insist that you want one that gives free Wi-Fi to its guests. HotelChatter has a great WiFi report so you know which hotels offer it for free and how much others charge


2. Find Out Local Businesses That Offers Free Wi-Fi

A lot of today’s businesses offers free Wi-Fi to attract customers and eventually generate sales. When you get to a new city, find out businesses, schools, gyms, restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, that offers free Wi-Fi. While you have coffee in the morning, or eat lunch at a restaurant, you can conveniently use free public Wi-Fi.


3. Browse Free Sites

Without using Wi-Fi or your mobile data, you can conveniently gain access to free sites to browse. Just like you don’t need data or Wi-Fi to connect to free facebook. Sites like Gogo and Delta allow you to connect to Amazon, People magazine, Gilt, and more while inflight. However, your options are limited but the good part of it is that you have a little bit of free WiFi access.

4. Using Your Friend’s Phone as Hotspot

If you are in another country or city, you probably wouldn’t have access to your local network provider, or use your phone as a hotspot unless you bought a prepaid SIM with a lot of data. If you are traveling with someone from the country you are visiting then simply use their phone as your hotspot, so you can access google maps, email, and browse the web.


5. Only Book Through Airports That Have Access To Free Wi-Fi

When booking for an airport during your business trips, opt more for airports that offer free Wi-Fi access. A lot of companies like Google have offered free WiFi in airports and planes over the years. It is usually around the holidays but yet I don’t think most people even know about it when they are at the airport. Also most airports just like banks, give their customers access to free public Wi-Fi.


6. Use a Wi-Fi Hot-spot Database

If you don’t have access to locations with free Wi-Fi or you are too busy to spend time at libraries, coffee shops or fast food outlets, you can use a Wi-Fi hot-spot database. Using a Wifi hot-spot database will show you all of the places in a given area with free WiFi. A great site is WeFi where you simply type in your location and it provides you with a huge list of over 100 million places offering free WiFi, including rural areas you least expect. There are also WeFi apps for iPhone and Android, so you can always have stay connected to the internet and the world too.