It has been confirmed that Dubai introduced a new policy for people, residents and tourists traveling to or from airports in the UAE region. Read also-Here are 6 countries that will pay you to visit once COVID-19 has solved the pandemic

Sunday’s new announcement would encourage thousands of people affected by the worldwide restrictions on passenger air traffic to resume their travel plans after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Gulf News announced.

The Supreme Committee said it made a decision allowing foreign nationals holding residency visas given in Dubai to return to Dubai from Monday onwards.

This will also require people and residents to fly to any foreign country starting Tuesday provided they consent to be accepted by the destination countries.
They will also commit themselves to following the precautionary measures outlined by the countries they visit.

The Committee also agreed to start accepting overseas visitors and tourists starting July 7.

Both residents will have to undergo a PCR check upon arrival at Dubai airports to scan them for COVID-19.

Residents will log their full information in the smart app COVID-19 DXB available online upon arrival and before leaving the terminal.

Residents entering Dubai will not leave home until they obtain the result of their COVID-19 test. If they test positive, they will need to remove themselves from home for 14 days, the Gulf News story said.

There will be no limitations on the destinations overseas to which people and residents will fly.

We will, however, abide by the rules and procedures followed in the countries to which we travel.

Until embarking, they are also asked to fill in a ‘Health Declaration Form’ to ensure they have no COVID-19 symptoms.