Travelling seems like an activity that can only be enjoyed solely by extroverts as it involves almost all the things introverts tend to avoid: chatty airplane seatmates, group sightseeing tours, asking strangers for directions, walking into a full bar, becoming the center of attention, and generally putting yourself out there. The truth however is that as challenging as going on a trip may seem to some introverts, they are actually capable of going to new places, meeting new people, being in groups, and they even stand a better chance at getting more out of travel as they can also learn so much about themselves  in the process.


Do not forget to pack headphones, a sleep mask, and a book (or e-reader).
Most introverts find lengthy conversations draining and small talk exhaustingso,unless you are travelling with a partner you are genuinely interested in chatting with, the best way to escape is by listening to music, watching a movie, reading a book or sleeping.  It also saves you from seeming rude when you when someone tries to rope you into a conversation you are not interested in. You can avoid nosy neighbors and unwanted conversation by putting on your headphones or a sleep mask or burying your nose in a book.
Take a familiar item, like a pillow, with you on your trip
Introverts are generally skeptical about new things and new environments. Taking something familiar with you eases the possible tension that may come with the trip. It is bring the introvert a measure of comfort and the comfort translates to an ease of travel throughout the entire trip.


Opt for room service
Whether you are travelling alone or you are with a group of friends it may be best for you as an introvert to order in your meals than go to any of the restaurants to take your meals. While eating out would offer great opportunities to meet other people and make friends, it can be exhausting for the introvert .  If you are not feeling up for the social interaction, order room service or stop at a local deli on your way back and stock up on some snacks you can enjoy in your room  with all the quiet you need.
Avoid Motels and B&Bs
Introverts are not very social and so staying in a small hotel or a B&B where they would have to run into people all the time or even share space may not be the best arrangement. Most introverts are not interested in getting to know other guest, especially after a long day of travel and exploring. Introverts on the other hand like to observe from afar, so staying instead  at a big hotel where people will leave them alone to unwind in peace  while observing others would provide them the authentic experience they crave.


Explore on your own terms
Most travelers are encouraged to go on group tours or walks, but while this might be exciting for extroverts, it could be catastrophic for the introvert. Introverts are passionate observers, and so, they are only fine being in the midst of people when they are not part of the crowd. Wandering around on their own and catching the overall vibe of your destination for themselves, instead of having someone tell them about it is the best arrangements for them. And if as an introvert, you are travelling with friends, do not let them rope you into tours or activities that would drain you or increase your stress levels. Put your feet down and stay determined to explore on your own terms.
Keep a travel journal
Introverts love to reflect on things and process their environment and so keeping a travel journal would serves as a kind of  like therapy for them while on a trip. They can download their feelings at the end of the day and express all the joy, frustration and fears they experienced, all without the additional stress of  having to explain it to someone else’s understanding.