There are times when we have long travels involving stopover(s). Stopovers can be dragged which could be frustrating. Using the internet for most of us is the way of burning that boredom and delay.

Alternatively, you may urgently need a quick access to the internet for late hotel booking, transportation or work.

Access to a Wi-Fi connection in a foreign land becomes critical for all these and many more and they come at a cost in many airports around the world.

bored at the airport
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Don’t worry, Anil Polat , a computer security engineer, created an app that offers passwords to free Wi-Fi at airports and lounges around the world(there’s even a trick of making the limited offer unlimited).

The app is called WiFox. It works in integration with Google maps and involves you zooming in on your current airport location which then shows you all hotspots and passwords available.

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Don’t worry, this list can be downloaded offline and he claims all passwords are verified.

It is available on Google play store and Apple app store.

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